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Vigorelle Female Enhancement Review

Review of Vigorelle

Vigorelle is a vaginal lubricant that claims to help women regain their sexual desire. Vigorelle is a topical treatment, but also functions to increase blood flow and bring more sensitivity to the clitoris.

Vigorelle contains a mixture of ingredients such as L-arginine, wild yam and many more that help move blood to the genital area, and work to balance hormone levels. Unlike herbal lubricants or other body oils, Vigorelle is compatible with most condoms and balanced pH.

After reviewing a number of creams, libido supplements, suppositories, and more, we learned that Femmetrinol helps women deal with all types of menopausal symptoms - from mental to sexual.

How does Vigorelle work?

Basically, this product is intended to work by reducing the overall sexual performance of users through the support of natural ingredients. It works by rejuvenating and moisturizing the soft tissue in the vaginal area.

Also, this cream is responsible for increasing the blood flow which is rich in oxygen so that it increases sexual sensation while increasing orgasm.


Vigorelle is sold through the official website, vigorelle.com and costs $ 59.95 for a one-month inventory. Users who buy more products at one time are entitled to discounts, and free gifts in the form of vibrators.

Vigorelle is also available for sale from Amazon from several different sellers at a price of around $ 65 per bottle. It seems that this is rather high for products with few reviews on some listings.

Consumers can find supplements that contain similar ingredients at lower prices than Vigorelle. Due to the lack of information available about whether this product is effective or not, we recommend trying something else for sexual enhancement. Menopausal women can benefit from herbal supplements that target hormonal balance, as well as more traditional lubricants for sexual intercourse.

What are the benefits of Vigorelle?

  • This prevents vaginal dryness by promoting natural lubrication
  • This increases sexual sensation and increases orgasm
  • This increases blood flow to the vaginal area
  • This increases the user's libido and sexual performance
  • It promotes hormone balance while reducing anxiety
  • It supports circulation and good tissue health


After looking at the official formula, reviews and website for Vigorelle, we were rather wary of recommending this product for menopausal women or those who experienced little desire to have sex.

First of all, the Vigorelle website is full of claims about how this product can help regain a woman's sex drive. Full of talk about how responsibilities, long-term relationships, and slogans of everyday life can block romance and desire. Vigorelle seeks to overcome these problems and help women "regain their path."

However, the product is confusing. Some copies of the web mention personal lubricants, while other parts of the site claim this product is absorbed through the genital area to increase desire, while at the same time providing moisture.

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